How to change the background color of the type dependencies diagram tool windows

I'm using a custom resharper color scheme based on the dark theme, mixed in with some rainbow using the resharper options for coloring each object type different.

Now I'm having problems with the popup window of the type dependencies diagram when I hover above the white arrows between types. The background is almost white but due to my color settings I cannot read the text. It is the same color as the background.

Which color setting do I need to change. There are too many to experiment with.


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Hello Mischa,


Unfortunately, it happens to be a known issue -

Please feel free to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

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Hey Angelina,

Any timeframe on when this issue may be resolved. I would love to have that kind of support as well when using dark mode in Visual Studio.

Put my vote in for this feature update.


Joseph P.


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Joseph Pottschmidt do I understand correctly that you are experiencing problems with the background color of the diagrams? There is a similar ticket about it: We have added your comment to the YouTrack ticket. Thank you!


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