R# performance, I'm done

I've been using R# for years. I have been dealing with performance issues for many versions now. I hope on every new version install that performance will get better but it never happens. My rig is a Threadripper 16 core / 32 thread processor, 64 gigs of ram, 4 NVMe Raid 0 drive (yeah it's fast). I have the machine that should perform like a boss. VS screams without R#. With R# I can barely type without it constantly hanging. VS has been literally crashing and restarting. I've cleared cached, reinstalled, configure R# a million ways and still on first load of a solution... boom VS crashes. If I disable R# VS is uber fast and NEVER crashes.

I have hit my limit. I literally came to the forum hoping to find some answer but it seems I'm not the only one seeing the performance issues. I've threatened and threaten for years now to stop using R# if these performance problems are not resolved.

This is the final straw. I'm uninstalling R# and never coming back. The value that R# brings is not work the performance hit.


I have had similar problems over the last few months; mine were solved by updating to the latest VS2019 release. My regular crashes only started i this year; it seems there were some crash related bugs brought into VS2019 (check the last few sets of release notes) that get worse with R#. 

Not a detailed answer I know but since I have been running a more up to date version of VS2019 (16.5.3 and equally the latest resharper build 2019.3.4) I have not had a single crash.

Hopefully this might work for you; if you are not already on those builds!

Angelina Elycheva

Hello Bobby,


First of all, I'd like to say we are really sorry to get such feedback. I suppose you've already looked through our suggestions in this case but please let me repeat it:

1. If you experience crash with ReSharper we'd be grateful if you could provide us crash dump as described in the article. It could help us investigate the problem and provide solution for your specific case.

2. Fixing special cases is good but still performance should be improved in general. As you probably know we work on moving ReSharper out of process, here's recent update on this status - https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2020/02/24/update-running-resharper-process/

Also, I'd love to suggest you Rider as it's a great product and it introduces full ReSharper power and performance based on our IDE development experience.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any objections or questions.

Thank you.


Always the same answer whenever we complain about the performance issues.

We keep the subscription going just hoping on every release that the next one is going to be better. How do you feel that we do not use your product any more? I just have it suspended and I open it whenever is a task that I am used to and prefer doing it with Resharper (refactoring for example)

The performance is terrible in big/small any project and all we get is a suggestion to move to Rider. I even tried Rider, it is a very good environment but it still lacks lot of features we are used to work with in Visual Studio. After all it is not easy to teach old dogs new tricks.

Stop accusing Visual Studio (by suggesting Rider) and please fix your product. Other alternatives and tones of plugins work without any issues. Maybe moving some devs from Rider team to Resharper team would help finish this so promised out-of-process solution faster?

Latest version 2020.1 is totally unusable.



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