Performance has gotten so bad I have disabled resharper and will not be renewing my license.

The performance of R# has gotten so bad in the latest version that I have had no choice but to disable it. It is to a point I can't write code while running it. There are some features such as search everywhere and the ability to get the members of an object when doing inline initialization that I am missing VERY much and am sad that I am unable to use the product.

I wish there was a way to easily turn off ALL features and then just enable the ones I want. But the options screen is so massive, that figuring out how to enable just a few things at a time to see if I can get the basic tools I often use running without too much performance impact is impossible. If there are suggestions on how to strip it down to nothing and work backwards by turning things on, I would love to know how.

The thing that disappoints me the most is that when asking what I can do to help, the primary suggestion is to turn of TFS integration. Um, so I have to disable a feature in VS that is critical to my every day use of VS to use a tool where I just want to help make WRITTING the code easier?

I also feel that anti-virus may be partially to blame. R# often gets stuck constantly updating its cache. Since it puts this as a progress bar in the status bar, the progress bar constantly appears and disappears. For some reason, this resets my UI. If I am using search everwhere, it forces the focus to the first item on the list. I have to click VERY quickly to get any other item to open. It also pulls focus from the methods drop down, so I am unable to use that basic VS feature.

I have seen many posts about the progress bar issue and have tried all of the solutions. None of them work. If there are not workable solutions to the DRAMATIC performance issues and the constant scan issue (jeez, just let me get rid of the stupid progress bar!), then I will not be able to re-enable the tool and will not be renewing. My office currently has 6 users with R#. At this point, 4 of us have disabled the plugin and do not plan to renew.

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Same experience. I will not renew my subscription, With R# it's almost impossible to work in VS.

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Same here, last year it was just JavaScript and some less used language variants / topics which were slow, but since December 2019 it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the tool at all even in a small Xamarin or Web project. 

Now even simple C# or TypeScript just hang Visual Studio and I often have to kill it from Task Manager.

I have read all the excuses how it is all Visual Studio's fault, but if you are making an EXTENSION for Visual Studio, so it sounds really unprofessional argumenting your internal problems in that way.

In general, please drop features or languages until it is fast enough (like it used to be until EO 2018). It is supposed to HELP with, not hinder my work. If need be, drop all editor and typing assistance (VS does that very well even without Resharper) and focus on refactoring and "write better code" -aspects of your tool.

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I also experienced similar performance degradation (similar to Digitalvir) using ReSharperUltimate.2019.3.2 (as I did with 2019.3.1). 

After both trying out 2019.3.1 and I 2019.3.2 I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2019.2.4.

I also would like to be able to just turn on the features I need.








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