How to get back "document function" menu item back on alt+enter?

In the past when I'd press alt+enter, it would show in the menu and suggest to document function with a pattern. I don't remember the name of the item, but it was here:


And when I'd press on this item, it would document the function like this:

Now that menu is gone. Is this my settings or it's not available anymore? Is there any way to add it?


I think you mean this:

This is  only shown if a doc comment already exists and the parameter names of the function does not match the <param name= ... /> in the doc comment.

There is an option in the text editor settings of Visual Studio:

If you write three slashes above a function, Visual Studio will add the document template .





Yes, that's what I want, but I already have had Generate XML documentation comments enabled:

And even if I add xml doc with ///, then add new parameter and then press alt+enter, it doesn't show up:


I reset Resharper settings to default and it started to suggest to document parameters. I figured out then that I had turned that inspection off in my Resharper settings, because there are 1 million inspections and with default settings it's impossible to work: it keeps spamming suggestions and warnings. So I turned this particular inspection for XML comments back on:


Now it suggests only if parameters are missing. But I remember that in the past if I pressed alt+enter on a method(without XML comments), it would suggest "Document this method using XXX pattern". I don't remember the name of the pattern.


are you sure you didn't used another addin? I'm using R# since Release 1.0 and can't remember such a functionality.


I used some in the past. But I didn't use many other addins and not often. Mostly it's Resharper only.


I knew I saw it and used it:


The same was present in C# projects. In C++ it results in this:


But in C# it resulted in this:


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