Left arrow key activates zoom dropdown instead of moving cursor

I just installed ReSharper 2019.2.1 on Visual Studio 2019, and now my left arrow key on my keyboard stopped working!

Instead of moving the cursor one character to the left it activates the zoom dropdown! (lower left part of the text editor window that usually sais 100%). Inside this dropdown the arrow key works as it should.

Ctrl+LeftArrow works to jump between words, and Shift+LeftArrow works to move a selection.

I've checked my Environment -> Keyboard settings, and I can't see anything regarding zoom that is bound to the left arrow key.

This only occurs in Visual Studio and not any other text editors, and seeing as it started happening after ReSharper there can't be much doubt as to the culprit. Even though it is known who is causing this issue I would still like to know what I can do about it. Has anybody else had this problem before?

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Thank you for the feedback.

This is really strange, we've never get similar requests from our users.

Please check what shortcut is set in VS Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard to commands View.ZoomIn/View.ZoomOut for Text Editor context.

If it's Left Arrow key please reassign any other shortcut to these commands.

Thank you.

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I already checked that and the left arrow key was not bound to zoomin/out.

It was fixed by resetting all keyboard shortcuts, though, so something was obviously wrong somewhere, but I don't know what.


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