Intellisense corrupt VS2017



I attempted to do a rename on i to index while in the past it would suggest index but is not.

for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)

Next I tried to do a join by pressing TAB but nothing.

public void MembersList()
    using (var context = new MembersEntity())
        var results = from m in context.MemberLists select m;

I then looked at the log which reported corruption

09:29:12.104 |I| | :1 | Running under VS version 15.9.28307.770, registry root 15.0_4b344226.
09:29:15.924 |I| RemoteInstancesManagerWindowsImpl| :1 | Registering process in ROT: dotTrace.Viewers.14812, Process name: devenv
09:29:16.706 |I| SilentCleanupComponent | :1 | Starting silent cleanup component
09:29:16.707 |I| SilentCleanupComponent | :1 | Checking location C:\Users\paynek\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Shared\vAny\Cache, lifespan 30.00:00:00. Will delete directories older than 7/13/2019 4:29:16 PM
09:29:19.982 |I| IndicatorsItemsControl | :1 | ResizeGrip. ResizeGripControl
09:29:19.985 |I| IndicatorsItemsControl | :1 | Panel = StatusBarPanel - DockPanel
09:29:19.998 |I| IndicatorsItemsControl | :1 | TrySubclass. Take 2. OK
09:29:21.022 |W| NuGetExternalAnnotationsFileProvider| :1 | Looking for package JetBrains.ExternalAnnotations (10.2.61, ) Unable to read package from path 'JetBrains.ExternalAnnotations.10.2.58\JetBrains.ExternalAnnotations.10.2.58.nupkg'. File contains corrupted data.

--- EXCEPTION #1/3 [FileFormatException]
Message = “File contains corrupted data.”
ExceptionPath = Root.InnerException.InnerException
ClassName = System.IO.FileFormatException
Data.ThreadLocalDebugInfo = DelayedInitialization
HResult = COR_E_FORMAT=80131537
Source = WindowsBase
StackTraceString = “
at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipIOEndOfCentralDirectoryBlock.FindPosition(Stream archiveStream)
at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipIOEndOfCentralDirectoryBlock.SeekableLoad(ZipIOBlockManager blockManager)
at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipArchive..ctor(Stream archiveStream, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Boolean streaming, Boolean ownStream)
at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipArchive.OpenOnStream(Stream stream, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Boolean streaming)
at System.IO.Packaging.ZipPackage..ctor(Stream s, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Boolean streaming)
at System.IO.Packaging.Package.Open(Stream stream, FileMode packageMode, FileAccess packageAccess, Boolean streaming)
at System.IO.Packaging.Package.Open(Stream stream)
at NuGet.PackageHelper.GetManifestStream(Stream packageStream)
at NuGet.OptimizedZipPackage.EnsureManifest()
at NuGet.OptimizedZipPackage..ctor(IFileSystem fileSystem, String packagePath, IFileSystem expandedFileSystem)
at NuGet.SharedPackageRepository.OpenPackage(String path)

What can be done to remedy this issue?



Just noticed my licence is not being seen 



Never mind, I did a update from the installer, re-entered the lic information and back in business.


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