Show extended info about functions in R# IntelliSense like in VS's?

Is there a way to show extended info about functions in Resharper's IntelliSense, like it shows it in Visual Studio's?
Here's what I get in VS's IntelliSense:

And here's what I get in Resharper's IntelliSense:


Main reason I use R# IntelliSense is because of its Live Templates and they don't appear in VS' IntelliSense. R# IntelliSense actually shows tooltips in C#:




This is fixed in 2019.2 and looks like this:

First 2019.2 builds should be available next week.


Cool, thanks.

But no EAP for Resharper?




What I mean was ReSharper 2019.2 EAP is going to open the next week.


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