AltEnter action list is missing some options

I recently installed R# 2018.3.4 on Visual Studio 15.9.11 with the default Visual Studio shortcuts.

When typing ALT+Enter while a local variable is selected, the action list does not provide an option to inline the selected variable. This option was available in the action list when I was using R# 2018.1 and earlier versions. Was this changed in 2018.2 or 2018.3?

I've been using R# for years and have been using the action list for this type of refactoring. As far as I know, I've always used the default R# settings, and haven't customized any keybindings. I believe I've also reset Visual Studio options and reapplied the Visual Studio shortcuts in R# options, but the action list appearance hasn't changed.

Similarly, I used to be able to introduce local variables for all instances of a selected expression from the action list, but now only "Introduce variable" appears on the action list, but that only affects the instance selected.

For example, starting with the following code block

for (var j = 0; j < data.Items.Length; j++)
var item = data.Items[j];

If I selected "data.Items" in the FOR expression, typed ALT+Enter, and then selected "Introduce local variable for all instances", all instances of "data.Items" would be replaced by the local variable.

var items = data.Items;
for (var j = 0; j < items.Length; j++)
var item = items[j];

If I then selected the "items" local variable, typed ALT+Enter, and then selected "Inline variable", the local variable would be removed and "data.Items" would be inserted in its place giving me back the original code block.

Neither of these options are currently appearing on the ALT+Enter action list.

Should I simply reinstall Visual Studio 2017 and R# 2018.3? I recently installed VS2017 and R#2018.3.4 on another machine, and action list is missing items there as well.

Is there a R# option to restore the previous behavior?

The CTRL+R,V and CTRL+R,I shortcuts do work, but they're much slower for me, as I'm not used to them. I really like the quick access from the action list.

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