Result mismatch between ReSharper CLT and ReSharper Visual Studio Extension


We get different result count while we run resharper in the same code base via ReSharper Command Line Tools (2018.3.3) and
integrated ReSharper (2017.3.2) in Visual Studio 2015. However, we are using same .DotSettings file in command line
tool by using "Export to File" option of ReSharper UI in "This Computer" layer[we are not using "Solution team-shared" or "Solution Personal" layer]. Sample code snippet,

[inspectcode.exe "Sample.sln" -o="D:\Output.txt" --profile="D:\Sample.DotSettings" --no-swea]

Please let us know why we get this mismatch?




To examine the specified behavior we need the following info:

1. sample code demonstrating the difference between the CLI and ReSharper

2. dotSettings file.

You can share it privately via 'Submit a request' form.

Please note also that it's preferable to compare the same versions of CLI and ReSharper cause latter version could contain fixes or new features missing in previous version.

Thank you.


Thank you Angelina for your prompt response, let me check with 2017.3.2 CLT version.



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