Visual Studio + Git + Resharper -> Switching branches

I'm a big fan of R# but having some trouble with it when working in a Git repository which I almost always do. 

The initial symbol loading/analysis thing that R# does on startup is not very fast but I can deal with it.
However whenever I switch branches and leave the solution open, it will start the analysis again.
Usually it takes a bit longer than the initial analysis on solution load but if the changes introduced by the branch switch a too many,
it happens that R# takes forever to complete. Oftentimes it seems that R# just eats up all the RAM, then the GC kicks in and halts the whole process
for several seconds and after that R# starts to eat up the RAM again and so on. The only option I have is to restart VS.

As it takes a bit of time to restart VS and I often forget to close the solution before I switch branches I would like to know if there is some way to solve this issue?


Edit: I have to add that this issue mainly affects me in larger C++ projects (code at work is around 500k LoC). C# projects aren't a problem most of the time or my C# projects aren't big enough for this issue to arise.


Any advice on how to solve this?


Well I'm working on a ASP.NET Core C# project and I've got issues when switching branches as well.  Usually where R# is complaining about methods being incorrect because they were different in the previous branch.

As well as the speed issue.


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