Inconsistent naming triggered for no apparent reason.

Our team uses the naming rule UpperCamelCase_UnderscorTolerant for our C# project.

I have the following method:

    private string FrameNumberToString(int frameNumber)




For some reason, I get a warning that the name is inconsistent and it suggest I rename the method to NumberToString. This happens with variables to; any mention of "Frame" is met with extreme prejudice.

It is possible that because we share the same dotsettings with the team that somebody has introduced some interesting setting - perhaps even myself by mistake - but I can't even think why there should be a prejudice against Frames.

Even FameNumberToString is acceptable for some reason while FrameNumberToString is not.

As there is a lot of mentions of Frames in this project, this is getting very annoying.


Hello Tim!


Thank you for contacting us.

Please try disabling ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C# | Naming Style | Use auto-detected rules option.

Thank you.


Thanks. I found the problem not long after posting. I apologize for not getting around to mentioning that and saving you time. I deleted the pattern (and other weird random patterns) from the configuration file and that worked.


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