is there a way to custom the comments style? in c++

is there a way to custom the comments style? in Resharper C++

Now, I have to use the "Xml Comments for C++" plugins,but it's not so intelligent。

I hope Resharper C++ can do this like c#.



Yes, there is a way. R++ includes the "Document" context action, see the "Documentation generation" section in This action uses the "doc" live template, which you can configure via the "Tools | Templates Explorer" dialog. Let us know if you need help with changing the template to your liking.


thank you very much, i find it .

now i modify the template as shown, and it works well.  

/// <summary>
/// $END$
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="$TNAME$">$TDESCRIPTION$</typeparam>
/// <param name="$PNAME$">$PDESCRIPTION$</param>
/// <param name="$MNAME$">$MDESCRIPTION$</param>
/// <returns>$RETURN$</returns>


In addition, is there a way to update the comments like this? when i add/remove/modify params.


Sorry, there's no way to update the comment yet, but R++ will warn you if some parameter is missing a comment or if a comment references an unknown parameter.


yes, i see it.

thank you very much.



R++ will support renaming of parameters in 2019.1.


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