ReSharper 8.2.3 Plugin Source?


 I was using previous store "" for the Extension Manager in updated ReSharper 8.2.3 in Visual Studio 2017. I see installed plugins but no new plugins. When I change that to is does not change.

When using either source, I see installed plugins but none of the new WF plugins.



Hello Eric!


Thank you for contacting us.

The links you've specified are used for the latest ReSharper versions (wave 182 - ReSharper 2018.2 version). For ReSharper 8.2.3 please use the following link -

Thank you.


Thank you. When I select the link I see the two installed plugins and one for Humanizer Annotations but no others. Is the library a lot smaller now?


Thank you for the reply, Eric.


Please try Online ReSharper Gallery section, there should be plenty of available plugins.

Thank you.


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