Improve Code Navigation while "Updating Source Files"

I'm not sure if this is a bug, current behavior or maybe even configurable via some setting. But I am currently suffering of the following issue: 

We have quite a large C++ codebase with thousands of files. Initially this makes Resharper scan the code for a really long time. The "Updating source files" dialog claims around 15-20mins but actually it finishes at ~7-10mins. I understand that this process is needed and it is anyhow mostly running in the background. 

Unfortunately during this process a lot of features seem to be "artificially" disabled. The main problem I am suffering is that almost no code navigation works:

  • Jump to definition (F12) complains that "Resharper is thinking" and does nothing. 
  • Jump to anything (CTRL+T) properly searches symbols and even lists the file where their definition is. But when hit enter to jump to the definition, the "Updating source files" dialog comes up. 

Many points lead me to the conclusion that Resharper should already have quite some information available on the symbols, but still code navigation does not work:

  • Undefined symbols are highlighted. 
  • Some gutter icons are already available 
  • CTRL+T lists symbols and the files where they are. 

Is this a known issue or behavior? Can it maybe be improved by settings? Are you actively working on improving this situation? If Resharper C++ actions are currently not available, it would be great if it does a fallback to the default Visual Studio action. I have default VS intellisense enabled beside Resharper which would allow me to do at least basic code navigation until Resharper is fully ready. 



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Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Both "Go to declaration" and "Go to symbol" should work during initial indexing in the 2018.3 EAP 6 build. The build should be available from at the end of this week. If you have a chance, please try it and let us know how it works for you.

Please note that "Go to declaration" might still be slower than usual, since R++ needs to parse the current file anyway, and parsing a file will be slower during indexing.

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Sorry about the delay, EAP6 is now available from


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