Is there a way to uncheck/disable all the code analysis

I'd like to uncheck or change the severity of all of the code analysis inspections.
Now, I can only uncheck one at a time. (for example, 213 Clang-Tidy Checks).

Is there a configuration file that I can import/export with all the items that I can manual edit in a text editor ?



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Sorry, there's no easy way to do that now. If you want to disable all clang-tidy checks, you can disable clang-tidy support in "C++ | Inspections", or use the "List of enabled/disabled clang-tidy checks" on the same page to disable inspections using a name pattern. If you need to enable/disable a lot of inspections in the "Inspection severity" page, you can select multiple inspections with shift + click, and then press space to toggle them.

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Don't be sorry.

I am happy that the shift-select and pressing the SPACE works. (i did not tried that before)

It works.



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