Getting lots of Uncategorized unit tests - but we do use custom Attributes!

Sometimes some (lots) unit tests get stuck as Uncategorized and rebuilding etc doesnt move them into their correct category.

we do use a custom atrtribute to assign categories, eg:


[TestMethod, ApprovalsTest(TestStatus.PendingTestFix, TestType.SystemVerification)]
public void TestApprovalRoute_Resubmit__ClearsPrevRoute()

This ApprovalsTest attribute sets the category based on the params to the attribute class itself, and ensures consistency.
our attribute inherits from TestCategoryBaseAttribute

However, I think R# struggles with this!

Is this a supported scenario?

 NB.  The VS Test Explorer identifies categories perfectly, doesnt lose them etc.  Even if this is less efficient or requires a build - I strongly recommend you employ the same technique as losing tests is unacceptable and results in me having to use the VS Test Explorer instead


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