2018.1.1 Intellisense Performance Problem?

Hi there,

we are experiencing performance issues in Resharper V2018.1.1, which, if I am not mistaken, was released last friday.

You can easily reproduce the performance drain when you create a class which inherits from a base class. As soon as you try typing the name of the base class you'll notice the delay. Or for example type in return, usually when you reach the "t" of return it gets really choppy. From my impression it's happening as soon as intellisense kicks in.

In this matter I tried to disable Microsoft's IntelliCode extension to ensure that this performance issue is not related due to a battle of resources between IntelliCode and Resharper. Unfortunately it doesn't help.

The only thing that really helps is reverting back to V2018.1

This performance drain is reproducable on every machine we installed the new version of resharper. Interestingly though is that the performance drain isn't worse on weaker machines. In fact, the effect is equal on weaker and stronger machines.


If you setup a new project you won't notice any difference. The impact starts on mid size solutions.

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I have also noticed this issue on multiple machines after updating to 2018.1.1.

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We've got similar reports recently and are investigating the issue right now. There is a request on YouTrack https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-469881. Please collect a perf snapshot as described here https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207243205-How-to-collect-a-performance-snapshot-and-send-it-to-JetBrains-Team and send it to us to confirm you are experiencing the same problem. Thanks!

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After some further testing I found more issues:

  • Solution containing Winform/XAML Projects tend to crash when being loaded (in about 7/10 attempts). This results in VS being completely unresponsive and the process has to be killed via task manager.
  • Opening two instances of VS can leave one instance unresponsive. Sometimes the instance that was opened first crashes, sometimes it's the second one... I was not able to determine a pattern. However, as in the previous mentioned issue the crashed VS instance has to be killed via task manager.



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