Cannot resolve symbol InitializeComponent

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I just updated VS2017 to the latest version 15.7 which include Xamarin.Form 3.0. Now I created Blank xamarin form app with net standard to be selected. Open 'MainPage.xaml.cs', InitializeComponent line is in red that indicate "Cannot resolve symbol InitializeComponent". I can build the whole solution successfully.

If I add any UI element in the 'MainPage.xaml', these elements referenced in the code behind file displayed in red. I still can build but just feel not confitable seeing these red error.

I go to "Tools -> Extensions and Updates..." from VS2017 menu, and disable "JetBrains Resharper ..." and then restart VS2017, this issue is disapeared. I believe we may have to wait fix from Resharper in next release after the end of June. 

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I have the same problem with the latest version!

However it was working fine using the EAP6 version, which fixed every X.F issue including the infamous and very annoying "Amigious Reference" one!

This particular issue came with the EAP8 version and is still present!

Also, XAML IntelliSense is not working, again... 

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Is a release/update planned? 


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