How to disable Resharper per solution?


My code base has many hundreds of csproj. We are using different solutions to keep things manageable. I'm using ReSharper in each of these small solutions with no problem.

However, we do have a big solution that contains all csproj. This solution is way too big for ReSharper (out of memory, PC freeze, etc.)

Right now, I have to disable ReSharper (Tools / Options... / ReSharper / General / Suspend Now) each time I open this solution and re-enable it for other solutions.

Is there a way to disable ReSharper for a specific solution?

I don't want to disable all my VS extensions, only ReSharper. Also, using project or folder filters is not possible because all these projects are used by different solutions and I do want ReSharper to scan them when working in a smaller solution.


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Hello Francois!


Thank you for contacting us.

There's no such option of disabling ReSharper for solution, though you can disable ReSharper analysis for projects, please see -

There's also option of assigning ReSharper_ToggleSuspended command to some shortcut in Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard, again not exactly what needed still less mouse clicks to make.

Thank you.

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Me too.  My use case is a little different than the OP, but I'd like to also ask for the "disable ReSharper per solution" capability.

In my case, I have cloned the GitHub repository and I can't make use of any of ReSharper inspections because I am working with the source code of the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) library.

Even though ReSharper picks up code smells, it's no good accepting the recommended changes because the code is there just for debugging purposes but otherwise is maintained by Microsoft.


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