Force older c++ language version?

We are using Visual Studio 2017 with ReSharper++ developing a portable embedded application. We use Code Composer Studio 8 as the embedded environment. But for most functionality we use VS17 and RS++, mainly to speed up development and for testing purposes. Unfortunately the CCS environment is stuck on c++03 while the oldest language standard VS17 supports out of the box is c++14.

Is there a way to force the language version in R#? To not accidentally break code compatibility, while awesomifying legacy code, I would like to use c++03 in VS. But simply forcing the language standard in R# would be my preferred solution over installing old VS compiler tools. Is this possible?


Michael Loeffl

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Hello Michael,

There's no way to override the language standard used at the moment, but we can add a setting to do that - I've created

In the meantime you can selectively disable inspections that are not valid for the language standard you're using and save the settings to the solution layer, so that everybody on the team will share them.


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That would be awesome. Thank you!


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