VS2017 (15.5.6), NUnit 3.10.1, R# 17.3.2 -> runsettings not read in when starting tests via R#

Hello everybody

I've got a testproject where I use NUnit 3.10.1 and some *.runsettings files for different environments. I'm using VS2017 (15.5.6)

When I start the tests via the native "Test Explorer" window of VS, my runsettings file is read correctly and I the values are accessible via "NUnit.Framework.TestContext.Parameters" in code.

However, when I use the R# "right click -> Run Unit Tests" or start the tests via "Unit Test Sessions" window that comes with R#, the settings file isn't read in and "NUnit.Framework.TestContext.Parameters;" contains 0 parameters.

I've tried pretty much all of the Unit Test Options in "ReSharper -> Options... -> Unit Testing" but nothing seems to help. Any idea what's the problem here? The R# test features are just so convenient, it would be a shame to not be able to use them anymore.


Thanks a lot!

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Hello Rafael!


runsettings file support is not yet implemented for NUnit, please refer to the following feature request - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-449753.

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

I have exactly the same problem.  I've enabled MSTest support and selected my Test Settings File but TestContext.Parameters does not contain any entries.


The use case for this is to test the time it takes to execute an API Call
if (!int.TryParse(TestContext.Parameters["MaxExecuteTime"], out MAX_TIME_TO_EXECUTE))
{ //defensive code so will still run in resharper
DateTime startTime = DateTime.Now;
var result = _sut.Get(VALID_USER_ID);
DateTime endDateTime = DateTime.Now;

TimeSpan timeToExc = endDateTime.Subtract(startTime);

//did the call execute in a acceptable time frame


The time it take to run in local environment versus in the cloud are different.  In the cloud it should be lower.


I'd like to read some parameters from the TestContext. Is there any other way to specify parameters for unit testing under Resharper?


Would love to see this fixed. I'm actually trying to onboard a team to R#. They're used to `.runsettings` files and this is a showstopper as far as they're concerned.


The same problem.
The only thing which stops me to start using R# is this issue.
Please, fix it. It will make possible to use R# for major part of QA engineers.


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