Does ReSharper have Fast Search Functionality?

I have been using the extension FastFind ( which has been the fastest search extension for Visual Studio that I have seen by far. I have tried ReSharper's "Search Everywhere", but it doesn't come close to the speed of FastFind.

Is there another search feature somewhere in ReSharper that can give comparable performance?

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The fastest search in ReSharper is "Go to Text" ( ), it will find all text occurrences of the query text.

Anyway, if you believe "Search Everywhere" is too slow on your solution, please collect and send us a timeline performance snapshot ( which captures the search - we'll investigate.


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Thank you for your quick response. It's not that "Search Everywhere" is too slow, its just not nearly as fast as FastFind. I'm currently in my free trial period and was really hoping that ReSharper would be able to provide similar performance, especially at this price point. "Go to Text" also doesn't come close to matching FastFind.


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