Modifying DataTip/inline value colors?

I dig the DataTips and inline values in 2017.3. However the problem I have is that it uses my editor's color scheme depending on the variable type and that makes it very hard to read. For example, my strings are cyan: when ReSharper shows me a string it's nigh unreadable as the ReSharper tooltip background is white: cyan on white isn't legible.

I'd be OK with either of these possible solutions: Don't apply the user's editor color scheme to the data tips, or allow the user to set the background color of the data tips (as well as the default text color: it's black, which might not work depending on what you set the tooltip background to). Or if there's already a way to ameliorate this let me know. I tried searching the forums but there wasn't an option to sort by date and I kept finding really old posts from 2005 regarding colors and didn't feel like sifting through a decade's worth of posts.

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Hello Jeff!


Thank you for the feedback.

Similar issue is reported here -

Please feel free to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

Awesome thank you. Glad it's being looked at!


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