File Layout doesn't show the "Sort By" values

I've been using the latest Resharper vesion with VS community 2017.  I have some code in c# and I want to sort by name.  However, when I go to the options of resharper in the File Layout form  c#, I've found that Misc shows "Sort By" row.  But, it doesn't show any value and it doesn't allow to add or change.  The other rows ok.  In other words,  the comboBox to change the value of "Sort By" doesn't appear.

f I check the XMLA,

        <Readonly />
        <Name />


But in the design view doesn't appear those values.   Running the Clean up doesn't sort neither.


Not sure, if I am missing something.  Thank you in advance for any help.

Official comment

Install the latest R# 2017.3.2 build, it has been fixed there.

Great, it is working after updating.  Thank you


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