Unit Test Explorer not updating categories that come from nUnit TestFixtureSource.

I have a class setup that uses TestFixtureSource to fill in some common parameters. Each of these is then given a different category, so I have a testfixture with 3 source entries, each mapping to a different category.  The source is a base class that goes and looks through some configs.

When I build my solution, ReSharper doesn't identify the categories, and continues to list them as uncategorized.  When I try to run a test from the Unit Test Explorer, the run fails, as ReSharper now identifies the tests have parameters, but are still listed as Uncategorized.


I've attached an image of the situation before and after a build, and uploaded a simple sample project that reproduces the issue (at least for me) => "ResharperIssueDemo2018_02_20_Kolichik.rar".


It's especially frustrating because the built-in Test Explorer is able to figure this out after the Build, which is very convenient.

Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Software versions:

I noticed this issue in R# 2017.3, and was able to reproduce it after installing 2017.3.2

Visual Studio 2015 Version 14.0.25425.1


After Build, but before trying to run a test from the Unit Test Explorer.


After trying to run a test from the Unit Test Explorer

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