Option to not break line if the line break does not actually shorten the line.


I'm seeing this issue with interpolated strings mostly, as they can be long.


But, what I see is this:

this.logger.LogInfo($"Some long text that goes past the line break margin");

Turns into:

                              $"Some long text that goes past the line break margin");

Basically - it added an extra line that doesn't add any value.



Hello Allena!


Thank you for contacting us.

Please check if ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C# | Formatting Style | Tabs, Indents, Alignment | Align Multiple Constructs | First Call Argument by '(' is enabled.

Thank you.


Hi Angelina - thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, that is checked - because that is the style I want for breaks and alignments.

See below examples





Hello Allena!


Sorry for delay in responding.

Just to make sure I've understood your point correctly:

  • you have Prefer wrap after '(' in invocation and  First Call Argument by '(' enabled
  • in case when breaking after '(' doesn't shorten the string you'd like the option won't be applied

Am I right?

Thank you.


Yes, that is what I'm looking for.

The middle example above just strikes me as pointless, and a waste of a line :-).




Thank you for the clarification.

I've filed corresponding feature request - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-470640.

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.


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