Is there something like GotoLastEditFile?


GotoLastEditLocation is a great thing - but is there also something like GotoLastEditFile?

The story: I'm editing file A. I switch to file B, and make changes there at several locations. Now I want to go back to file A, to continue my work.

Of course I could press GotoLastEditLocation a lot of times until I get back to File A.

Also, I could set a bookmark before changing to B and later return to that bookmark.

Better would be a command to go directly to my last edited location in File A.

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Ctrl+, (comma) brings up a list of the last touched files. Close enough? :)

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That's what I was looking for. Great, thank you!

For others, who don't have the Ctrl-Comma key binding: The name of this command is ReSharper_GotoRecentFiles.


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