Ultimate compatible with older versions?


I've just rebuilt my programming machine and installed VS 2008, 2013 and 2015 Community.  I have installed ReSharper Ulimate but it only works for VS 2013 and 2015 now. Can I install ReSharper 8.2.1 in VS 2008 if I select VS 2008 only during installation, without any conflicts with Ultimate?

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Hello Richard,

Yes, you can. If you select VS2008 only in R# 8.2.x installer, it won't affect R# 2016.2 installation in VS2013/2015.

Also, if you have ReSharper Ultimate license, I recommend you to install R# 8.2.3 instead of R# 8.2.1 since only such build (prior R# 9.x) supports ReSharper Ultimate license.


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OK, have installed R# 8.2.3 and everything is working fine now. 



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