Is Resharper losing relevance?

I'm a long-term user and fan of Resharper and even converted my old xaml code-quality build task into one that can be widely and easily used

However, I can't help but notice that since Jetbrains introduced the subscription model that quality and customer engagement is falling, and I'm not alone in this sentiment (including talking to colleagues using other Jetbrains products like IntelliJ). It's been more than 15 days since a question was last answered on this forum and the product feels like it is slowly dying. The latest "stable" InspectCode release seems to have major bugs in it and slow down in VS is noticeable with the newest Resharper release. I see ever-growing feature parity built into VS and it's surely not long before Microsoft release a long-overdue competitor to StyleCop and InspectCode... so what is the long-term vision for Resharper and InspectCode? Are Jetbrains slowly distancing themselves from the VS ecosystem and community...?

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I also noticed, that the support via the forums by the R# team is falling since a few years. Even if you add issues to the issue tracker they aren't always noticed. In my experience the fastest way to get support is via submitting an official support request.


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No. Still use it all the time every day.


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