resharper deletes newline after semicolon on F5 or Start Button click, not sure how to fix this?


Example, my code has:

view.Color = Color.Chartreuse;
view.ReductionOptions.Color = Color.OrangeRed;

If my cursor is placed after the semi-colon on the first line, when I hit F5 my code turns into this:

view.Color = Color.Chartreuse;view.ReductionOptions.Color = Color.OrangeRed;

Same thing with curly braces:

Public MyForm(){



If my cursor is after the semicolon when I hit F5/Start it does this:

Public MyForm(){


I'm sure I just got overzealous somewhere in the config settings but I can't seem to figure out why this is happening.

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Hello Kati,

It is a known issue Seems like it is somehow related to licenses.licx file of Devexpress.


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Thanks Alex, this work-around fixed the problem.  I didn't realize it was related to adding DevExpress to my project.


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