Dot Cover and Dot Trace licence is not applicable.


I installed dotTrace and dotCover Manually and then installed ReSharper 2016.1.
I then noticed a licence is not applicable message dotTrace and dotCover.
I used the ReSharper installer to remove dotTrace and dotCover.
No sign of dotTrace and dotCover through Visual Studio.
I then used the ReSharper installer to add dotTrace and dotCover. Installed successfully.
problem is, I still get the message the licence for dotTrace and dotCover is not applicable within Visual Studio.

I am running Visual Studio 2015 professional on Windows 7 64 bit.

Any ideas?


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Hello Daniel,

Have you deleted the licenses you entered before? 


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Thanks for getting back to me.

How do I delete the licences?

The error I am getting is Licence is not applicable for DotTrace

The error I am getting is Licence is not applicable for DotCover.

It also says, licence is not applicable for Resharper Ultimate.

I tried removing the resharper ultimate licence and reapplication of the licence but it made no difference.


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I have updated Resharper to 2016.2 but am experiencing the same symptoms.

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  1. I deleted all licences.
  2. Uninstalled all jet brains products.
  3. cleared jetbrains from c:\users\username\appdata
  4. cleared jetbrains from registry
  5. Downloaded Resharper ultimate.
  6. Installed Resharper with all options
  7. Started visual studio
  8. accepted the resharper licence agreement
  9. dotCover and dotTrace licence is not applicable.


Could there be a problem with my Resharper Ultimate Licence?



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