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Hi all,

In my comapny I'm usung Resharper for c# version 9.1/

I need to use it for c++ also.

My company purchased a licence for me.

New licence seem to be not valid for version 9.1.

I need to download Reshaper ToolBox for it.

1. Where can I download the new version fo fit my new licence?

2. Can I use it for C++ and C# parallelly?


Thank you all


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Hello Shlomi,

Please see for the different options to purchase ReSharper C++. In order to use C++ with C#, either ReSharper Ultimate or an All Products Pack license is needed (which is sometimes called "JetBrains Toolbox"). You can always check details of your available licenses at To use your license, please install the latest ReSharper Ultimate from



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