How Do I Add a Custom Dictionary for StyleCop and Add Words to It?

I am getting warnings that I have a misspelled word in the comment. I want to add it to a custom dictionary that says the word is fine. How do I do that?

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You can add a settings.StyleCop file that lives in your solution. You can download and use the StyleCopSettingsEditor from the CodePlex or from the links on the GitHub page (you can install the Visual Studio extension, or download the msbuild tools nupkg - unzip it and the editor is in the tools folder). From here, you can add words to be recognised correctly, or add paths locations that will be searched for custom dictionaries. The file will end up looking something like this:


<StyleCopSettings Version="105">
<CollectionProperty Name="RecognizedWords">
<CollectionProperty Name="DictionaryFolders">



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