Make ReSharper ask to resolve VS conflicts again?


Whenever I use a shortcut that VS is already using, eg. Ctrl+R, E to encapsulate a field, ReSharper will ask if I want to use ReSharper's action or VS' action.

So today I pressed Alt+Up to move a line, and ReSharper asked again, and I accidentally chose to use ReSharper's action, but wanted VS'. So I had to reset VS shortcuts settings, and now all the shortcuts are back to using VS' actions, and no matter what I do I can't get ReSharper to ask again whether I want to use ReSharper's action or VS' action, and I don't remember which ones I had already set, so I'd spend all day in the shortcuts dialog trying to figure them out.

I've tried everything from resetting ReSharper to completely uninstalling and reinstalling, and it just won't ask me again. Any way I can get ReSharper to ask me to resolve shortcut conflicts again?

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Nevermind. Somehow all the ReSharper shortcuts were restored and I managed to configure it the way I wanted.


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