BuildProvider support?

I posted on this subject a while ago, but have not heard anything. Does
Resharper plan to support ASP.NET BuildProvider's? We use a couple of them
in our project, and it is very annoying to have Resharper highlight all of
the classes in red that are generated by our custom Build Providers. I have
included info below from a previous post about this subject about a month
ago. Would you like me to enter this into the tracker?


Previous post:

Hello Sergey,

A BuildProvider is a new component in ASP.NET 2.0 which provides a mechanism
for auto generating code. In fact, I believe ASP.NET uses build providers
behind the scenes to do its compilation. But in addition to the out of the
box build providers, they allow you to write your own build providers (specified
in the web.config file). The really nice thing about this is that Visual
Studio provides full intellisense support for it. It would be nice if Resharper
supported custom build providers, both in its intellisense and also in its
background error checking. Here are a few articles that describe the feature
more completely:




Could You describe it in more details. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of Build,
links to resources, which describe them, are highly appreciated. Anyway,
I think we will do.

I am curious if there are any plans to support custom ASP.NET BuildProviders
in Resharper 2.0. I created a custom BuildProvider in my web site and while
VS intellisense recognizes the classes that are generated, and the site compiles,
resharper highlights the classes in red whenever I reference them.


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I'm really sorry, but it seems that we cannot manage to support them by 2.0
release, but we will plan it for 2.x.
Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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