Cannot Modify ReadOnly Document Exception with SCC - Fixed Before RTM?

I noticed on the download page that you are releasing R# as a RC now. Are there plans to fix the numerous readonly document exceptions that still occur with source code control before RTM?

The only way I can use R# consistently is to check out all of my solution files before I do work. This is obviously not optimal but something I have chosen to live with as R# was an EAP product and that's the price you pay to play with early technology. As a release product though, I would expect these problems to be fixed. Since I've used the EAP builds (starting in the low 200's), these exceptions have been my #1 pain.

I tried searching the tracker for specific exceptions but couldn't find any due to the Tracker timing out when I was doing searches (must be getting some heavy use right now).

If it helps, I have noticed that I get these exceptions mostly when doing class renames and files that are checked in need to be edited.

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My apologies for double post; browser timed out and didn't give me a response. I assumed it didn't get posted. Someone at JB please delete this thread it is a dupe.


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