Unit testing in own way...

I don't like existing unit testing frameworks, i'm using
my own assertion class.

But there is a problem, i don't have a gui.

And Resharper has a good gui, and not bad Vs environment

I want just a way to define a couple of my attributes
(without reference to any test framework assembles) and
want Resharper to recognize it.

I want to use at least this.

- TestClusterAttribute (as TestFixtureAttribute).
- TestClusterHeaderAttribute (as TestFixtureSetUpAttribute).
- TestClusterFooterAttribute (as TestFixtureTearDownAttribute).
- TestElementAttribute (as TestAttribute).
- TestElementsHeaderAttribute (as SetUpAttribute).
- TestElementsFooterAttribute (as TearDownAttribute).
- TestCategoryAttribute (as CategoryAttribute).
- TestIsIgnorableAttribute (as IgnoreAttribute).
- TestIsExplicitAttribute (as ExplicitAttribute).

I very like this attributes names, but it is not the point.
I think it would be good to specify such names in options.

The main idea in flexibility, everyone can do his own test
framework and have basic gui for it.

And i know, it's not difficult to implement this way in
Resharper, it's just about only recognition.

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