Re: [253]Any News on #23980- Identifier Highlighting Turns Black On Black?

Yeah, I got this occasionally in 252 but a restart of VS.NET cures it. Haven't
seen it in 253 yet.

Dmitry Shaporenkov (JetBrains) wrote:

Hello Christian,

actually we haven't seen this problem at labs for a while and haven't
received many user complaints. So I'm
second asking - is anybody else still experiencing this? Thanks.

Dmitry Shaporenkov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

>> Hello,
>> As we are into the fourth bug fix EAP build, and I still find myself
>> frequently restarting VS because I dared to close some documents and
>> found myself with identifiers coloured black on black (it's a good
>> guessing game, though :), I wanted to asked whether there are any
>> news on issue #23980- Identifier Highlighting Turns Black On Black.
>> Do you need any more information on this, or is it simply that no one
>> else is experiencing it, and so it is not of high priority?
>> Thanks for your consideration,
>> Christian

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