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Hello Randy,

is it possible to isolate this problem into a small solution containing no
sensitive code that could be sent to us? Thanks.

Dmitry Shaporenkov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


This was referenced in a ASP.NET project called BlueSkyWeb.
(C:\Project Files\Solutions\BlueSkyLeagues\BlueSkyWeb).

And the reference is a Project Reference, and the assembly is the
output dll.

"Dmitry Shaporenkov (JetBrains)" <dsha@jetbrains.com> wrote in message

>> Hello Randy,
>> according to the log ReSharper received a notification about external
>> change of the assembly
>> C:\Project
>> Files\Solutions\BlueSkyLeagues\BlueSkyLeague\bin\Debug\BlueSkyLeague.
>> dll
>> and hence it must have re-loaded it.
>> Could you please also tell me in what project the reference to this
>> assembly got lost after re-compiling the assembly? And was that
>> reference
>> an assembly reference or a reference to the BlueSkyLeague project for
>> which the assembly is the
>> output Dll? Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Dmitry Shaporenkov
>> JetBrains, Inc
>> http://www.jetbrains.com
>> "Develop with pleasure!"
>>> Dmitry,
>>> I have attached the ReSharper Log.
>>> I compiled my assembly: BlueSkyLeague.dll, waited a few seconds, and
>>> resharper refreshed losing the reference to the assembly.
>>> I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
>>> Randy
>>> "Dmitry Shaporenkov (JetBrains)" <dsha@jetbrains.com> wrote in
>>> message news:c8a894d91b68e98c88e628b00d990@news.intellij.net...
>>>> Hello Randy,
>>>> it would be helpful if you provide us with the ReSharper log
>>>> (ReSharper |
>>>> Show Log) captured after the changes were made to
>>>> an assembly which ReSharper hasn't recognized. Also, please specify
>>>> the
>>>> name
>>>> of the referenced assembly, so that we can
>>>> locate it in the log. Thanks.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Dmitry Shaporenkov
>>>> JetBrains, Inc
>>>> http://www.jetbrains.com
>>>> "Develop with pleasure!"
>>>>> Sergey,
>>>>> I am also experiencing this issue, and I do have it set to just be
>>>>> a reference with auto-update. Until 256, I was able to make
>>>>> changes in the class library, and R# would detect them without a
>>>>> problem. (and I get errors later when I realize I didn't build the
>>>>> class library) After building the library, the new version would
>>>>> be updated in the web project. I was perfecly satisfied by this
>>>>> functionality.
>>>>> The problem now is that when I build the class library, instead of
>>>>> the referenced library being updated, it seems to become invalid,
>>>>> and R# highlights every member from the class library as an error
>>>>> (not found). Even though I can build and execute the web page
>>>>> without any problems.
>>>>> This was working fine prior to 256, what changed?
>>>>> I hope this helps you find a solution. Let me know if you have
>>>>> any questions; I'd be happy to help in any way I can.
>>>>> Randy
>>>>> "Sergey V. Coox (JetBrains)" <qx@intellij.com> wrote in message
>>>>> news:ebpv5i$ec1$1@is.intellij.net...
>>>>>> Patrick,
>>>>>> How do You reference the assembly? Do You copy it manually to the
>>>>>> bin folder of the website, or You set path to it via web.config,
>>>>>> or it is just a reference with auto-update? If the latter, then
>>>>>> we really cannot get notification until VS copies new version of
>>>>>> the assembly to the bin folder. That occurs after rebuild or when
>>>>>> VS update thread manages to do that, but the time of it is
>>>>>> unpredictable.
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Sergey V. Coox
>>>>>> JetBrains, Inc
>>>>>> http://www.jetbrains.com
>>>>>> "Develop with pleasure!"


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