R# incorrectly marks ajax tags as errors

Hi - I am using beta 1.0 of the AJAX framework in my ASP.NET projects (http://ajax.asp.net).

However, R# incorrectly marks all the tags from this framework as errors.
Moreover, all nested tags are also highlighted as errors. VS2005 has no problem
building the project though.

I think the problem is related to the fact that all AJAX tags are now official
ASP.NET tags, thus they've all gotten the "asp:" prefix.

R# did not have any problems with the CTP release I used prior to the beta
release, but then the CTP release used the prefix "atlas:" for the AJAX tags.

Hope you'll be able to fix this soon as I am running with intellisense in
my ASP.NET pages.

I am using R# build 300.


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This is a known problem. In beta 1.0 AJAX moved all its controls to asp
namespace, which we do not support. We are going to investigate the issue
ASAP, but I cannot promise fast fix to the issue.
Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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