[301] Context Actions


class TypeB: TypeA

Consider the following code:

private Link _items = Link().OneToOne(); public Link Items { get { return _items;} If I (manually) change the property declaration to public Link Items { get { return _items;} I get a context action that offers to change the type of the property back to Link. It would also be good to have the option to convert _items to Link here. Further, if I am editing the field declaration and am at the point below private Link _items = new Link().OneToOne(); I am only offered the option of changing _items back to Link. Again, it would be nice to have the option of changing the instantiated type available here. If I use a normal constructor, not a static factory method, there are two options. OneToOne() looks like: public class Link where T: BusinessObject { public static Link]]> OneToOne()



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