[447] R# does not add () after selecting a method from intellisense

Context: VS crashed badly on me yesterday. After this, I noticed that R# code completion settings "Auto-popup after dot" and "Auto-popup after 'new'" had reset to OFF. I have turned them back ON.

However, when I select a method from an auto-completion list, R# is not adding the open and close parentheses.

E.G., I type string.F and R# displays a list containing the overloads for the Format mathod.

If I press ENTER or TAB or double-mouse-click, the Format method gets entered but no open/close parentheses:

If I dismiss the auto-complete list box (still with only string.F) and invoke the list again, usng Ctrl+Spacebar, the full string.Format is placed in the editor and selecting an entry, using TAB or ENTER or double-mouse-click does indeed enter the open/close parentheses.

Now, I also notice the following odd behahiour: If I click, using the mouse, once onto any item in the list, then it is not possible to select an entry with the keyboard using the TAB key.

Is there a setting that has been reset by my recent VS crash or is this a bug?

Surely it has not always been like this.


Hello James,

You probably also lost another code completion setting: check "Automatically
insert parentheses after completion" on the same page.

Oleg Stepanov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


I don't see that option. R# option attached


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