Memory Leak in Resharper ?

I always display in the Status Bar the Total used Memory of resharper

If I start Resharper it starts with 4 MB used Memory.

Then I open a Project and work with it, then I reopen the same Project again an exception occours.

Then I work further 100 MB is now used more for the same project !!
I close the Solution.

I say Garbage Collect.

The memory usage says 217 MB. So per open project resharper uses ~100 MB more memory that it doesn't give back !!!

Side Nodes.

Global analysis is on for the Project and it consists of 5 Projects and around 1000 Files

Sincerly Thomas Stocker

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I'm having similar issues. ReSharper/JIRA typically uses between 150-200mb memory at all times, though I have a smaller solution of 3 projects and about 200 files. JIRA constantly throws exceptions, hangs the IDE and a few times I've found myself in a loop where JIRA is throwing exception after exception and I need to close VS 2005 in task manager. I would fill in the bug report forms if I didn't get so many exceptions!

In fact I've just opened my project in VS 2005, and it's using 204MB straight off the bat. I'm just restarting after a full crash incidentally. The other developers I'm working with aren't having the issues I'm having.

It's particularly troublesome when I'm working with a .aspx page as opposed to a class.

Oh but I should add that when it's working, it's brilliant!

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