Incorrect suggestion "Rewrite as DateTime?" in using statement


  1. doesn't allow shorthand notation for nullable types in using statements, hence the suggestion is wrong. It occurs with every nullable type.

using NullableDateTime = System.Nullable<System.DateTime>; <--- R# suggests to rewrite as DataTime?

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Out of pure curiosity, why the preference of "NullableDateTime" over "DateTime?" ?

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.NET 1.1 didn't have nullable types so we added those ourself. For example NullableDateTime worked as DateTime?.
When we migrated to .NET 2 and up, in order to ease the conversion process we added this using statement to avoid breaking existing code as much as possible (when replacing NullableDateTime with DateTime?).
It is a leftover of course, which will be removed completely in a few years but still the R# makes a wrong suggestion ;)


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