Test runner stopped running the tests

I had VS 2008 and build 758 installed. In my current solution, I have two test projects - one that contains unit tests only and one that contains integration tests.

My analyst stops by to ask a few questions and I open one of the integration tests and run it via Resharper (Alt+R,U,R). We look at the results of the test and the criteria I have as acceptance criteria. I'm asked to change one of the input parameters and run it again. I make the change, run it and am surprised to see that the dashed bar turns green as if all tests passed, but no tests were run. I try rebuilding the entire solution and then re-run the test and get the same result. No matter what test I try to run now, it's the same thing - green bar as if everything passed, but no tests are actually executed.

I've repaired that build, re-installed that build, and upgraded to build 761. I'm still getting the same result. So I'm wondering I flipped a setting somewhere without realizing it. The tests have been running all morning and just suddenly stopped working (nice that it was while my analyst was sitting here!).

Any ideas?

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This morning I came in, rebooted and all of the tests still wouldn't run. So I unistalled build 761, rebooted again, and installed build 762. Everything seems to working as advertised. Still not sure what happened, but at least I'm back to work. I don't know that I could have functioned without my resharper!

Excellent work everyone.


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