Can't install build 775.

I run the msi setup for 775. It takes me to the screenshot and that's it. 35 minutes later only the Cancel button is enabled. I guess nobody wants me to install it, then?

On the website for 775 it says "Works here". That might be the case depending on where you are as your "here" location!

I downloaded 780 and that seems like it wants to install. However, I'd rather install a "Works here" if I can get it to install on my laptop. With the recent bad run on "Not recommended" download comments I don't want to take a chance on 780 as it might go the same way. So, can someone from JB tell me what I can do to install 775? Thanks.

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According to the screenshot, you're running an installer for an already installed

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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Serge, I was under the impression that installing a new build of version 4 on top of an existing version 4 installation would automagically uninstall the old one first?

I've dropped other builds of RS4 on top of what I've got installed and it's installed them all ok. Either way, I will nuke my installation tomorrow and try the 775 build.


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