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Hello t800t8,

My nod32 sits silent about those bits, and we never had viruses inside the
company as far as I know. I suppose it is false positive, but you can send
the file to Kaspersky Labs for investigation to be sure. I can also manually
publish another "nightly" which is slightly different (has some changes),
may be it will not trigger warning. I think we should do both things :)

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

IR> I have this warning message from Kaspersky Anti Virus 7 (check the
IR> screenshot)

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For sure it's a false warning. The message was displayed while the file was downloading. But after download, I tried to scan by KAV and didn't get any message.

Or maybe my computer is infected, so... Just kidding :)


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