Prefer wrap before comma ?

In the C# formatting style, "Line Breaks and Wrapping", there is an option called "Prefer wrap before operator in binary expression".
I would like a similar one that might be called: "Prefer wrap before comma"
So, rather than this:
It would look like this:

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When working in things like SQL I usually prefer to wrap before the comma, before any ANDs, ORs, etc., as it makes it easier to chop things in and out of queries, test little bits, etc. When working in code I have to largely give up on this formatting because so much of the IDE tooling is only able to wrap one way, that being after the comma. Being able to wrap before would be quite nice.

Similarly, wrapping before the . ahead of a member accessor would also be a nice option, especially with so much "fluent builder"-style code kicking around these days.


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