Where are Tools/Todo settings stored, how to share?

I added some To-do items, along with Todo, Note, and Bug. When I exit Studio, it doesn't look like they are stored in either Solution.resharper or Solution.resharper.user. Where are those stored, and how would I share those settings with other team members? I have Code Style Sharing set to "Shared across the team, per solution", and I'm using ReSharper 3.1 with VS 2008.


Sorry, wrong forum, my mistake. I don't see a way to delete a post so please disregard.

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Unfortunately, there's no sharing support for TODO Settings, and the Options
are not flexible enough to allow that on generic basis.

The Options subsystem will be a focus in the next version. This will include
things like non-conflicting options in multiple Visual Studio instances running
simultaneousely, per-solution shared options, company default settings and
so on.

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