Behavior of "Smart Enter"

I typed the following line of code (the "|" is where the cursor is):

private const string MYCONST = "MyConstStringValue|"

I then invoked the smart enter/complete-statement. What I expected was

private const string MYCONST = "MyConstStringValue";

But what I got was this (">" for leading spaces to signify indenting):

private const string MYCONST = "MyConstStringValue"

Since I didn't end the line with "+" or anything else to indicate that I was
continuing the statement, I'm not sure why it didn't terminate the statement
and start the next one, as I wanted and expected. One of the points of
"complete statement / smart-enter" is to deal with the auto-insertion of the
closing quotes and parens, so allow me to just hit enter, and have it "do
the right thing" without me having to reach over for the "END" key, then
type a semi-colon, and THEN get on with my life.

In fact, I'd like to be able to map the "smart enter" with the ENTER key,
and just use Shift-Enter to actually insert line-breaks when that's all I
want. At least in the instance described above, smart-enter doesn't fulfill
my expectations.

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